3 BHK Flats For Sale Near Me

3 BHK Flats For Sale Near Me: A Thane Resident’s Perspective

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If you are looking for 3 BHK flats near me, Thane is a great choice to say the least. It has steadily metamorphosed into a premier destination near Mumbai. Thane is a highly developed sister city of the country’s financial capital and offers properties at diverse price points.

In fact, finding 3 BHK flats near me and apartments in other configurations is easier in Thane, particularly with several projects being developed by leading real estate builders. Some of the top zones in the city include Pokhran Road, Vartak Nagar, Ghodbunder Road and Kolshet Road. These are areas which are located in close proximity to several thoroughfares like the Eastern Express Highway and offer access to excellent social amenities like shopping outlets, restaurants, entertainment hubs, healthcare centres, educational institutions, and more.

The Thane housing market should witness steady traction once Bhiwandi transforms into a leading warehousing destination with stellar infrastructure. Areas like Ghodbunder Road and Panch Pakhadi are steadily becoming coveted real estate locations in Thane. There are several reasons why Thane makes for a good place to live, along with the high availability of housing projects in several categories.

Some more reasons to consider buying property in Thane

Staying in Thane means enjoying seamless access to all contemporary amenities and infrastructure, while staying connected to Nature. From the Upvan Lake and Yeor Hills to ample greenery, Thane offers nature-friendly living for residents. This is a far cry from living in Mumbai with its congestion and increasing pollution levels. Areas like Pokhran Road and Ghodbunder Road are well-planned like many other areas in the city and offer excellent opportunities for nature-oriented lifestyles, something that many people come down to Thane for.

Thane is also home to a buzzing shopping and entertainment circuit, including the Korum Mall and Viviana Mall among others. There are numerous shopping centres in the city along with several entertainment hubs, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets like D-Mart, and a lot more. Healthcare concerns of residents are non-existent with Thane offering great connectivity to several leading establishments like Bethany, Jupiter, and many others. There are numerous nightlife destinations that residents can also access with ease. Thane gives you everything without the mad rush of Mumbai.

Accessing cutting-edge healthcare facilities is easy for Thane residents. There are several reputed educational institutions mushrooming in Thane on the back of rising residential demand. From CP Goenka and Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania to other well-known institutions, the sky is the limit when it comes to ensuring high-quality education for your children. One of the other advantages of staying in Thane is the opportunity to go on several weekend trips from the city. This is an additional edge in comparison to staying in the heart of Mumbai.

There are easy getaways that you can access to Pune, Lonavala, and Igatpuri among other locations. You can take more weekend breaks with the Eastern Express Highway and other major highways being readily accessible from the area. Investing in property in Thane will prove to be a fulfilling proposition for those who value a higher quality of life amidst sylvan surroundings, with easy access to all necessary infrastructure. Families and young professionals make up the biggest chunk of buyers in the city. Of course, with the future developments like the metro expansion and more connectivity improvements, Thane will witness skyrocketing residential cum commercial development in the near future. Commercial properties and offices are already coming up across the city and this has led to higher residential demand in turn.

Thane is the ultimate destination for a happier and healthier life. There are no two ways about it.

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