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4 Top Characteristics to Look for in Sheepskin Rugs



High-quality sheepskin rugs look lovely and have a full, fluffy look. You may think you can tell a good sheepskin rug using an eye test, but it is more miss than hit. It would be best to know the characteristics to look for in quality sheepskin rugs to make better choices. The following are some qualities to check for in a sheepskin rug from Hide Rugs:

Wool Density and Loft

Wool quality is one of the most crucial things to look for when buying sheepskin rugs. Density and loft are the primary factors to look for in sheepskin rugs. The wool density refers to how thick the fur is, while loft refers to the ability of the wool fibers to stay upright.

The wool density should be thick and lustrous but strong enough to withstand activity. The loft should also be long and straight enough for you to run your hands through the fibers. Ensure you consider the density and loft of a sheepskin rug, or end up with a very shaggy-looking rug.


The color of a sheepskin rug is vital mainly because of its interior decor effect. The color of the rug can also apprise you of its quality. The rug should have a consistent and natural tone without discolorations or stains. The underlying wool in the sheepskin rug should have as few imperfections as possible.

The underside of the rug is also vital. Check for holes, cracks, and other defects which should be absent in a quality rug. The color of the leather will tell you its quality, as it should be a consistent brown.

Shape and Size

When considering sheepskin rugs, be sure to check their shape. High-quality rugs often have a more uniform shape than low-quality rugs. A full shape, and rounded neck area add to the sheepskin’s rug appearance. High-quality sheepskin rugs are thicker due to their wool density, making them appear larger than worse rugs.

The best rugs will be larger than low-quality sheepskin rugs. However, the size should depend on the area where you will put the rug. A variety of dimensions is a good indicator, as you can get another size if the initial one does not fit. Check for stretching of the rug to meet length requirements which indicates a low-quality rug.


An excellent test to determine if a sheepskin rug is of high quality is to touch it. Premium sheepskin rugs are a pleasure to touch, because of how soft and fluffy they are. Touching the sheepskin rug and rubbing it between your fingers will help you determine fiber density and loft.

On the other hand, it is a perfect way to tell the difference between natural and synthetic sheepskin. The latter will beat an eye test, hence the importance of a feel test. Natural sheepskin typically has a better density consistency than synthetic sheepskin.

It would be best to look for the four characteristics above when shopping for sheepskin rugs. It will ensure you get the best quality sheepskin rug possible. Visit Hide Rugs for the best sheepskin rugs.

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