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Floor facts: what is floor insulation & why invest in it?

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Regardless of whether you live in a warm or cool climate, floor insulation can help regulate your home’s temperature and keep you comfortable throughout the year. Floor insulation is a cost-efficient, highly effective way to not only regulate the home’s temperature, but also to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

If you’ve been considering floor insulation in Shepparton, awesome idea! It is a handy, future-conscious investment that will keep your home cosy no matter what the Aussie weather throws up!

Let’s look into it a little more below…

How floor insulation works in the home

Floor insulation essentially works as a barrier between your home and the elements outside. Incorporating basic temperature laws, the insulation works to retain the comfortable inside climate whilst acting as a wall to extreme cold or heat.

Plenty of a home’s heat and cold escapes through the floor (as well as enters through it), so floor insulation essentially works to retain it through being placed underneath the home’s aesthetic flooring solution. If you’ve noticed your home is one with quite a lot of air flow stemming from the floors, whether hot or cold, then floor insulation might be the very best option for your home.

Floor insulation is designed in a way that it fits snugly under your normal floors, simply providing the ongoing task of regulating your home’s temperature in a way that keeps it nice and comfortable.

Other efficient insulation options which you may want to combine with floor insulation include ceiling and wall insulation. These solutions can be quite similar as well as very different. For example, reflecting ceiling insulation works to reflect out the sun’s driving heat as a way to keep your home cool in the hotter months.

In contrast, floor insulation is designed to work as a thick barrier of protection from the nasty elements of Australian climate.

The different types of floor insulation

There are also a variety of floor insulation options for you to choose from, but it’s good to remember that it’s always best to install insulation before the home is actually built. It might be difficult to install a type of insulation into a pre-built home, especially as installing insulation is far easier to do when the home hasn’t already been built. It only needs to be laid out before the flooring is placed on top for newly built homes!

Laying after the home has been built, or “retrofitting”, is highly doable, but can be a difficult process, and may involve pulling up the floors in order to lay the insulation. Your insulation experts will be able to provide you with sound advice on whether it’s worth going ahead with floor insulation if it is quite difficult to achieve post-build.

Some awesome benefits of floor insulation

Here are just a select sample of the amazing benefits of having floor insulation installed:

Temperature control: The Australian weather can change pretty dramatically, becoming really cold in winter and incredibly hot in summer. Insulation helps maintain a consistent temperature in the home regardless of the time of year or location of the home.

Reduced energy bills: Because you won’t need to use your air-conditioning systems as much, floor insulation can help reduce energy bills.

It’s sustainable: Once again, you won’t have to use your heating and cooling system so much when you have high quality insulation, and this will help you reduce your carbon footprint. You save money whilst helping the environment – it’s a truly winning situation!

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