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Raised Bed Garden To Makeover Your Garden



Growing a raised bed garden is the most favorable way to grow vegetables. This is a good way to start a new hobby. Simple wood or metal frames last for many years and provide a well-organized gardening experience. Raised bed means growing plants in soil that is higher than the ground level. If you do not have enough space for gardening, raised beds will solve your problems. A well-planned raised bed will help you to maximize the space. Now there is no excuse for not growing your food.

Advantages of raised beds: 

  • Solve the problem of poorly graded soil. If your area has compacted soil that is not appropriate for gardening, raised beds will help you overcome that. You can buy soil and make your soil mixture by adding compost and fertilizers.
  • If you don’t have a huge backyard for gardening, you can build or buy corner raised bed boxesthat will help you to maximize the space you have. You can easily grow veggies and flowers in them
  • No bending or kneeling. That means easy on your back and knee problems. You don’t have to bend for checking or pruning your plants. Less pain and more garden.
  • Customization is the best thing about raised beds. You can have a creative garden without any trouble, and a raised bed can be fitted in any area, like on your balcony or in your sitting area.

Creative ideas for raised beds:

Built-in raised beds: 

 Appropriate for the places where the soil is good enough to grow plants and drainage conditions are good. This is a permanent structure that can be done using concrete. You can also build the side wide enough to use them as your garden bench.

Spiral raised beds: 

 Spiral raised beds can be used as a centerpiece of your garden using stone or other materials. You can grow flowers or herbs inside the beds.

Metal sheet Raised beds: 

 Raised beds can enhance the growth of your plants with a controlled soil condition and drainage. Metal raised beds are proper for the area where sunlight is an issue. Using metal sheets, such as aluminium sheets, as raised beds can provide warmth to the plants that are needed.

Raised bed Arbor: 

 This is the most elegant way to grow vegetables. This type of technique can be seen in vineyards or crawling vegetable gardens. You can build them using bamboo poles by yourself. Plants can get plenty of sunlight.

Square foot raised beds:

This is a very interesting technique to grow various plants in a smaller space. The raised bed is divided into a square section, mostly one square meter. This technique is used for kitchen gardens. Get your garden kits from the best gardening store and start building.

But before building your raised bed gardens, you must follow the tips :

  • Select the spot with direct sunlight
  • Keep them insight, so you don’t forget about them
  • Near from the water source
  • Choose the plants properly
  • Make the soil bed in layers using proper instructions.

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