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What does post-construction termite treatment involve?

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If you forgot to do pre-construction termite control, then post-construction termite control is for you. If you are a house owner, you must be well aware of the potential dangers posed to your house and wooden furniture by termites. In case you don’t know, a termite is a kind of pest that can dwell in any place or environment that provides adequate living conditions.

Termite treatment involves dealing with such existing pests or even the possibility of hosting termites. Owing to the advanced technologies, pre construction melbourne termite treatment can be done during the construction, i.e., pre-construction termite control or just after you start construction i.e., post-construction.

Complete inspection

A complete inspection of the place is necessary. Such an inspection allows the team to target the right places that might be prone to termite attacks or those which are already infected.

Proper administration

The whole process is a waste if you find the right spots but don’t administer the treatment correctly. The termite control process includes drilling small holes in all the infected areas or areas prone to attack. Right chemicals get injected through these holes.

Additional layering

After the entire process is completed, drilled holes get sealed further, and an additional chemical layer might get sprayed. It is to ensure additional safety and security against termites.


Major benefits of post-construction termite treatment

Often people consider termite treatment as one such expense that can get ignored. But, this minor ignorance can cost you huge sums of money once a termite dwells in your house. Termite might seep through the furniture or wooden frameworks.

And before you know it, it would cover a large portion of your house, including walls, furniture, etc. Therefore, you must consider termite treatment options well in advance before the situation gets adverse.

You can be sure your house will be safe from termite attacks for a long time once you get termite treatment done. If you hire an external team to conduct the termite treatment at your place, they follow a proper series of steps.

One of the steps among them is post-treatment round-ups. Such round-ups involve regular visits by the team even after the treatment gets done to eliminate any possibility of a termite attack.

Also, if you don’t wish to hire an external team for termite treatment, you can do it yourself. The latter option might not be as professional as hiring a dedicated team with the expertise in the same but might save you, to some extent, from the dangers of termites.

If you are considering post or pre construction termite treatment, you need to hire the best termite control company like 365 Pest Control, and keep a check on several following things stated-

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