Why You Should Choose to Live in Bedfordshire

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Bedfordshire has always been a popular location for people to live in, offering a wealth of attractions, historic towns and easy commutes to London and other nearby towns.  There are lots of houses being built in the various towns and villages of this county, so now is a great time to search for your new home in Bedfordshire.

Bedfordshire is a small county approximately 60 miles north of London.  The main town is Bedford, an historic market town with a population of around 170,000 people.  Bedford is actually only the second largest town in the county, with Luton taking the top spot in terms of population.  Set in the middle of England, it is about as far away from the coast as you could hope to be!  Other towns in Bedfordshire include Luton, Dunstable, Biggleswade, Flitwick and Shefford.  There is a river flowing through Bedfordshire, the Great Ouse, which also links into Cambridge and other major towns.

There is a wealth of attractions to see in Bedfordshire, including historic homes, museums, animal parks and more.  Woburn safari park is one of the most well-known attractions for visitors, showcasing a huge range of interesting animals and birds from all over the world.  You may get closer than you expect, with monkeys jumping on your car as you drive through!  There are also lots of parks and green spaces in Bedfordshire to enjoy.  Bedford itself has a lovely river and embankment, lined with restaurants, hotels and cafes which is a nice place to while away a few hours on a sunny day! If you enjoy active hobbies, there are a number of country parks in the county which offer extensive walking, jogging, and cycling opportunities.  Sport is a big deal in Bedfordshire, with the famous “Bedford Blues” rugby club being very popular.  Another big sport in the town is rowing, with Bedford featuring two rowing clubs on the river Great Ouse.  Did you know that Bedfordshire is well known for a certain sweet treat known locally as “chocolate toothpaste”?  It is essentially a pastry base with a rich chocolate filling, very popular with school children in the area!  Definitely one to taste when you come to the area.

Buying a new home in Bedfordshire is easy – there are new developments all over the county including houses for sale in Potton.  New builds are a good choice for people moving to Bedfordshire as they offer excellent value for money, as well as being super-efficient and eco-friendly.  The cost of homes in this part of the country is around the national average.  You can easily commute to London from the county, with trains taking less than one hour from Bedford or even faster from Luton.  Most train lines will take you into Kings Cross or St Pancras stations. The benefits of buying a new house include being able to fully personalise your home before you move in, having a blank slate to really put your mark on, and the fact that your home will have never been used before!  These homes also tend to be cheaper to run and are normally lower in the council tax brackets.

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