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Front Porch Ideas for Winter: Jazz Up Your Porch

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Do you need front porch ideas to warm up your home in the winter? Most people spend less time on their porches when winter comes. Unless you live somewhere warm or have a porch that is four- or three-season, your days of swinging on the front porch all day are gone until spring.

Did you know that your porch can still be attractive and inviting even during winter? You can add curb appeal to your home no matter what season.

Do yourself a favor, and prepare your porch for winter.

Sweep and clean your porch before freezing temperatures set in.

Your outdoor furniture should be cleaned and stored until spring. Your furniture can suffer from winter’s harsh cold and dry conditions.

Use a soft brush to wash outdoor furniture. After washing your furniture, rinse it with the hose. Allow to dry completely before covering it and storing. For off-season, furniture covers can be useful.

A winter porch that isn’t covered? It’s not possible!

You can have fun with colors and textures to bring charm to your porch, even in January. These are some cool ideas for front porches to jazz up your home and soul.

As a focal point, paint your front door a striking color.

A bright, colorful winter wreath can be hung on your front door. It could include evergreen boughs or pine cones as well as berries tied with ribbons and bows.

Wrap a seasonal garland around your front door frame.

Place a group of heavy urns or crocks on your steps, or to the side.

You can hang colorful wall art you have painted yourself, such as welcome signs, winter birds or a quilt pattern on a beadboard.

To welcome family and friends, purchase thick, vibrant seasonal outdoor mats. To trap water, dirt and ice, you can use a mat made from coir fibers, or waterhog mats.

A sturdy tray with boots can be placed near your front door.

You can store your firewood on your porch in a stylish firewood holder.

Place a brightly colored sled near your front door.

Use ribbons and straw flowers to decorate the handle of an old winter shovel.

Hang several melodic wind chimes.

String colorful mittens along a mini-clotheline. This is not only decorative but also functional.

Place electric candles in your windows that face your front porch. A soft glow at night is a welcome addition. You can also dress up a portion of your porch using white twinkle lights.

You can plant a small evergreen shrub in a large pot on your porch, and then transplant it into your yard in spring.

If you have an outdoor speaker, you can play upbeat music to your guests when they are there.

Winter shouldn’t stop you enjoying your porch. No matter what season, there are many cool ideas for front porches. Enjoy having fun with your front porch and make it inviting and enjoyable for all seasons.

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