Chic Elegant Look With Striped Wallpaper

How To Get A Chic Elegant Look With Striped Wallpaper

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These stripes can be used in all environments, in the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and even in the bathroom! It doesn’t have to be an entire wall with colored stripes, a few details are enough. They can be more discreet or larger objects, renovated and patterned furniture, a rug under the coffee table in the living room, there is no shortage of suggestions for you to use stripes without fear!

Stripes in decoration: How to use them?

You may not realize it, but the stripes end up guiding your gaze around the environment, it happens unconsciously, but it happens! So if you want to draw attention to something specific, stripes in decoration will be your ally.

vertical striped wallpapers give movement, if what you want to draw attention to is a piece of furniture, the stripes can go towards that piece of furniture, and so it should be done with any part that you find more special and want to attract attention.

Mixing the stripes with other prints can end up in good combinations and makes the environment more cheerful and modern.

This mix of prints can be exactly what you want to highlight too! But you have to be very careful so that it stays balanced and doesn’t spoil what you planned.

The use of colored stripes

Colorful stripes removeable wallpapers can be the highlight in your decor and bring much more life to the environment! In addition to the tips that have already been given before regarding the care with the use of colors, remember that not everything rules.

Some combinations may seem scary in some situations, but interesting in others. If the decoration of the environment is all with more neutral tones, such as furniture and objects cleaner, a striped and colorful wallpaper makes everything more fun and breaks the seriousness of the place.

If you still have doubts, do research on the subject or look for a professional, he will have adequate ideas and thought exclusively for you and your home, without the risk that you will be dissatisfied in the end. Choose the stripes wallpaper and shades that you like the most and totally change the decor of your home!

stripes on the wall

The stripes on the wall, as we said earlier, make the room appear larger. This is one of the great tricks interior designs use to trick the eye and gain breadth and height.

In addition, adding the stripes with lighter tones helps to gain a few more inches of space. In this way, you will get a feeling of greater light and that the environment will appear larger, as it will generate more perspective.

Therefore, we recommend that you use a range of blue and sand tones, as they look like the horizon line with the sea. And that brings a sense of tranquility. Gray and beige colors are also another great ideas because they provide a certain serenity to the environment.

However, one thing you should consider is the stripe width. Since if you choose stripes that are too wide, you will get the opposite effect and the space will be reduced.

If we use this kind of stripe on the wall, we need to be careful not to overload the room. Therefore, we must avoid vibrant colors and not include vinyl, paintings, or decorative elements on the wall. That’s because it can become saturated with complements.

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