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Common Problems with New Homes

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When on the hunt for a new home, browsing the listings and touring the properties available in the area you want, you might be enticed by one of the many new kinds of homes continually being constructed as part of exciting new housing projects. These homes come in all shapes and sizes. They may be to your taste or not, but one thing that most people assume is that, when viewing a new-build home, you do not have to be quite as much on the lookout for defects and problems.

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This is actually erroneous thinking. Construction defects in brand new homes are more common than you might think. Defects can occur for a number of reasons, but most commonly they are the result of many contractors being enlisted for a large construction project. Without perfect coordination between all the jobs spread across the multiple people doing them, missed items and construction defects can arise. And to protect yourself against this, the best things you can do is enlist the expertise of a reputable real estate brokerage who are familiar with local building sites and have thoroughly investigated the various homes that they include in their listings.

However, it also pays to know what to look out for when viewing a new home by yourself. CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerage out of Salt Lake City specializing in luxury homes, advise that, with the help of a professional realtor, being armed with a good knowledge of what can go wrong with new homes is the best way not to be blinded by the newness of the home when inspecting it for defects. In this sense, new homes are no different from any others – you should always know the warning signs and red flags.

Common Defects in New Homes

With that in mind then, what are the most commonly found defects in new-build homes? As mentioned, they usually result from poor coordination at the point of construction itself, not from wear and tear. Here follows some of the main ones:

Grading and Drainage Problems

This first problem on our list is in fact one of the most serious. If you notice grading or drainage problems, you should always give that property a wide berth. Proper drainage and construction are necessary for ensuring that water does not collect around the foundation. If this happens, it can freeze, expand, and cause damage to the foundation. Watch out for this.

Shrinkage Cracks

If the mixing of concrete at the point of construction has been rushed, then the concrete could end up having an overly high water content. This can cause shrinkage cracks over time but may not be visible at first glance. Here you might require a professional to identify this.

Separating Flooring

When it comes to the installation of flooring panels, any oversight in the actual installation process can lead to paneling that splits or separates. However, this can also be caused by moisture fluctuations within the home on account of varying humidity levels. Nevertheless, it can lead to some pretty unsightly floor problems. Luckily, this is pretty easy to identify because you can see it clearly – just be sure not to miss it simply because the house is new!

Incomplete Construction

This last one is pretty general. Sometimes, the construction work simply isn’t finished. Missing fire blocking, insulation, or incomplete tiling are all possibilities. Simply give the home a good look over and you are unlikely not to notice.

Perhaps the most important takeaway here is this: just because a house is new, it does not mean it is perfect.

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