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Usually, locks are incorporated into doors, although they can also be found in closet drawers, chests, or chests. Aiming to prevent aliens from accessing valuable places or belongings and also, they enable us to protect selected content or the home and also apartments with residential locksmith services bronx that is inhabited. In addition to the mechanical locks that are already in use, there are also mechanical locks that have electronic efficiency.

A bolt, on the other hand, is a closing mechanism that is added to the common lock. Normally, it is installed above the lock and thus provides another level of access control. This article explains why bolts are not the same as locks, despite the apparent similarity between the terms.

In this article, we will examine the characteristics of locks and locks such as their types, their parts, prices, and differences with respect to bolts. Moreover, you will find the best brands of existing locks in the Mexican market to protect and take care of potential attacks on everything that requires extra security.

Feel 100% safe with the best locks

In order to begin the search for a product that meets your project requirements, it is important to know which sites to consult. Amazon, Home Depot, MercadoLibre, and Walmart offer the best locks at very competitive prices and with a large variety of locks. According to our research, the best locks can be found on all of these websites. Then we will have a list with the best brands that includes your reviews, prices, and direct purchase links.

1- Baldwin.

Baldwin is more than a brand: it reflects tradition, experience, superior designs, unparalleled craftsmanship, perfect functionality, and elegance. Among its wide range of products, it offers finishes that are rich in detail, resistant, innovative, and unsurpassed in quality and price. Our product listing will help you find what you need.

2- Dexter.

This brand belongs to the sheet metal industry, which is known for its locks, hinges, padlocks, and cabinet and door accessories. Dexter offers products designed to give customers a safe, reliable, functional, durable, and diverse option in all articles related to goods protection. Visit the following link to learn about your products.

4- Kaba.

DormaKaba is one of the leading companies in the global market of access and security solutions. Its customers have access to a complete range of products, solutions, and security services supported by innovative technology and a team of engineers specialized in resolving customer needs through the linking of consumer needs and technological trends.


It is a trademark that day after day seeks to fill the market with increasingly innovative and quality-filled products. Kwikset products have high durability and state-of-the-art technology while maintaining their elegance and aesthetics.

Locks and keys from other brands

Our intention is not to limit or restrict the great possibilities found in the Amazon catalogs, but rather to expose before you other OPCI.

These reliable brands continue to fill the market with locks of materials and state-of-the-art technology.

Final thoughts

These are the companies which offers the greatest level of security with their expertise. It provides you the best safety aver against the robberies.

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