What Engineers The Engineered Wood Beds A Know-How



Nowadays, engineered wood beds are found very common in all stores. The main reason engineered wood furniture is becoming more popular in modern times is that it is affordable and within your budget. But this is not the only reason they are famous. It is easier to manufacture furniture using engineered wood beds. And having said that, they are also strong, firm and durable. These qualities make them a go-to product for most manufacturers and customers. Moreover, engineered wood is more compatible and environmentally sustainable than the other types of solid wood.

However, there is a difference in the aesthetic appeal of the engineered wood and solid wood. But this can be matched up with efficient coating and laminate finishes. Another advantage of engineered wood is that it can be sanded and reused again for other purposes. Engineered wood is used for a wide variety of furniture products available in the market today. Most people also appreciate them as they satisfy all the basic needs and requirements one could ever want. Wakefit provides you with a lot of their engineered wood products online on their website. Engineered wood bed online is one of their fast-selling products as they have exhibited the best qualities one could look for.

What is Engineered Wood, and how does this work on Furniture?

Engineered wood is man-made wood derived from waste wood particles sanded and bound together with the help of adhesives and binders to form a composite wooden piece. Engineered wood can also be called composite wood, manufactured board or particleboard. This is one of the best forms of eco-friendly wood in your house. The wood particles in engineered wood are a combination of hardwood and softwood to balance the density and stiffness. A few other engineered kinds of wood are also manufactured from sawmill scraps and other wood waste. A decent quality of engineered wood is medium density fibreboard and high-density fibreboard. This engineered wood is used for furniture as it is easy to mould and design in any shape required. These are mostly preferred because they are lightweight and can be moved very easily.

Why is it used for Furniture?

The material does not easily warp or crack and is ideal for all types of furniture, mainly the engineered wood beds. They are helpful because they can bear heavyweight. When it comes to beds, they need to withstand a lot of weight and resist cracking and warping. It is easy to use them for furniture as they are flexible and pliable. There are a few oriented strand boards shortly known as OSB that use trees from the poplar family and are used for engineered wood beds. Its hard nature feels right and hence used to make beds. Flat-pack furniture or ready to assemble furniture is also typically made out of engineered wood or man-made wood due to its low weight. Another reason to use engineered wood in furniture is its low manufacturing costs. Furniture is manufactured by using precise design specifications and tested to meet national and international standards. As a result, they are uniform, and their life is predictable. One can also derive their structural performance while testing the product.

What are the Different Types of Engineered Wood used in Engineered Wood Beds?

There is a variety of engineered wood that is used in engineered wood beds. All of them are easy to manufacture and convert to furniture. Here are a few types of engineered wood to look into.

  • Plywood – Many consider this as an original engineered wood product. But it is actually a structural panel manufactured by cross lamination of veneer sheets and bonding them with moisture-resistant adhesives with heat and pressure.
  • Particleboard – This type of wood is manufactured by extruding and pressing different wood wastes like sawmill shavings, sawdust, wood chips, etc.
  • Blockboard – This is the ideal choice for sturdy beds and tables. It is manufactured by glueing together a core of softwood strips. Strips are placed between veneers of hardwood and glued together under high pressure.
  • Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) – Hardwood and softwood are broken down into wood fibres. These wood fibres are combined with was and resin to form panels by applying high temperature and pressure.
  • Laminate Veneer – Several layers of thin wood are assembled together and glued with adhesives. All of the stacks in the same direction and the direction of grains also run parallel to the length of the billet.
  • Cross-laminated timber – It is made using layers of solid-sawn lumber. They all have equal orientation, and the layers lie perpendicular to each other.
  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB) – Wooden flakes are combined with the help of adhesives and compressed under pressure.

Who will Require an Engineered Wood Bed?

Most middle-class families who feel that a hard, durable, and long-lasting bed is enough can go for an engineered wood bed. It is cheap when compared to other solid wood beds and can be afforded by all.

Advantages of Engineered wood bed:

  • They are strong and easy to work with.
  • Have a smooth finish and consistency.
  • They do not warp and creak while you sleep over them.
  • They are affordable and cost-effective.
  • It is an environmentally sustainable material and eco-friendly.
  • They have good load-bearing capacities.
  • Have thicker laminations and better structural rigidity to make an engineered wood bed.
  • They are more durable and uniform.
  • They are versatile and available in larger sizes when compared to solid wood.
  • Good quality engineered wood beds can also be water-resistant.
  • They have an exquisite look. They enhance the look of the bedroom, be it the master bedroom, kids’ room or the guest room.

As far as engineered wood beds are concerned, it is always wise to choose a sturdy material with durable nature. The engineered wood bed satisfies these basic conditions and hence is ideal for all conditions. You can easily order a queen size bed or king size bed online, depending on your requirements. Many people opt for the engineered wood beds as they are cheap and affordable.

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