Tips for Buying Sheets Online

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When buying sheets, you don’t want to invest in every other piece of cloth you’ve come across. Instead, you want to invest in what will make you yearn for that hour when you get to crawl back to your bed for a rest.

For you to pick the right choice, you have to look for tested sheets, and this article helps you when it comes to identifying the best sheets that are friendly to your pocket.

Check Out the Fiber Content

One of the excellent go-to fibers is 100% cotton because of its tenderness, and it’s affordable. Going for the premium and extra staple cotton is even a better option-it’s soft and durable. The only thing to know with these sheets is that they’re expensive, and the company’s word is final. But be careful; you may have mislabeled cotton, and therefore, you get the wrong thing.

Cotton/ polyester blends are also a good choice -the fabric will have some synthetic feel-yes, but polyester makes it more durable, less prone to shrinking, and even inexpensive.

Don’t Bank Everything on Thread Count.

Manufacturers may allow a sheet to have many fibers, but the quality doesn’t improve, so don’t be duped into thinking the fiber count will make an exceptional choice. Tests from reliable sources show that 300-500 is excellent for strength and softness. You may also get a 200-thread count sheet, but it won’t be as soft and comfy.

Understand the Weaves

Sateen and Percale are your primary options. Percale is a grid-like weave with a light and crisp feeling. Sateen is also a great option if you’re looking for something that gives you that smooth feel. It’s all about personal feel and preference, after all.

Check Out How It Fits Your Bed

When buying your sheets, think of the size of your mattress and bed. There are the king/queen and standard sizes, which don’t account for the depth of the mattress. Thus, if you’re using a mattress stopper or your mattress is tall, ensure you measure before buying. Think also of the shrinkage after laundering. Generally, a sheet that fits a 15-inch mattress will perform better.

Check Out the Return Policy

This is the Internet friend, and when buying your sheets online, and as you look into what to consider before buying bed sheets, you have to check out the company’s return policy.

You can only tell how comfortable and whether the sheet meets your standards when using it on your bed. The good thing is most companies that sell sheets online have a return policy where you can even take it back after months of use.

Design and Color

Anything that you acquire, including a bed sheet, must perfectly fit what’s in your bedroom. Thus you have to be deliberate on the color and the design you choose. If your walls are textured or have printed wallpaper, you will want to stay subtle with the sheet’s pattern. If your bedroom’s décor is muted, think of bold colors with patterns.

Choosing sheets online may look pretty straightforward, but you may end up with something that doesn’t even fit your basic demands if you’re aren’t careful. So be careful, research widely, and pick a choice after you’ve considered several factors.

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