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Beds and headboards styles to soothe your style sense



The headboards mostly overshadow the bed frames but still, they are complementary to each other. The bed feels more comforting and decorated when you have a good headboard behind it. By just looking at it you can feel the invitation, the bed is sending your way. One of the best styles of bed to make your styling of the room feel satisfied is the wingback bed.

Although there are a lot of headboards to choose from, which are all worth having in your room you only have room for one, right? So, before buying a headboard, let’s check out all these designs which are there in the market and see which one is best suited for your bedroom décor.



One of the more modern designs or styles of the headboards is an upholstered headboard, it is padded and covered with fabrics like linen, polyester, or velvet and also leather. The fabrics make it look more plushy and warm whereas leather makes it look vintage and classic. Leather also provides a strong look and durability.

There are many designs in the upholstery, chesterfield beds, Sleigh beds and handmade wingback beds are a few of worth mentioning here. The luxury wingback beds with large headboards are more stylized as they cover a large area behind the bed. They are a good covering for your back wall which gives a bold statement in your bedroom.

The other headboards have their unique features to offer like Chesterfield headboards offer a royal look to the room and Sleigh headboards are curving away from the bed. When you design your bedroom and especially when it comes to the furniture, there is a lot of competition out there but when you choose a design then stick to it and choose the headboard very carefully because it is going to be the centrepiece of the bedroom.

Like an upholstered headboard, an upholstered bed has been upholstered or padded with a covering of fabric or leather. Headboards are available in several shapes and patterns, some of which are already mentioned above, to give different look to your bedroom.


An extended headboard is a design that extends beyond the width of the bed frame and even covers the back of the side table of the bed. They are made out of wood and upholstery which is padded and covered with fabric or leather.


The wooden headboard has all of its pieces made out of the same wood material and joined together to provide a look of classic furniture. Wood is more common and trustworthy when it comes to good quality furniture. Most people choose wooden material headboards and beds because they can be used with different kinds of wooden furniture without creating much fuss about finding or ordering custom designs of side tables or another décor of the bedroom.


Upholstered type of extended headboards is a luxurious item of furniture. When we are talking about them, then how can we miss the luxury wingback bed which is the best example of the extended headboards. As the name suggests that the wingback bed has a large piece of the headboard at the back which covers a large area behind the bed.

Handmade wingback beds are padded and covered to give a comfy look and feel to your bed. Along with the good upholstered headboard, you get a luxury style for your bedroom.

The wingback beds can have different types of headboards behind them to suit and soothe your styling sense. Be a little experimental with the designs, choose different designing options that are available out there. Use different combinations of beds and headboards. The upholstered designs offer a choice in colour as well because of the fabrics that are used in covering up the padding.


Many designs incorporate an oversized headboard which is purposefully put there to cover and secure the wall, it is the best option to have when you have thin walls beside the rooms.

The luxury wingback bed is very much complimented with this kind of headboard design. it large covers most of the back wall, covers the area behind the bedside tables and gives a winged look to the head side of the bed.

This kind of design can have little cabinets on the sides of the beds and ever support a mirror design, both in wood material and upholstery style. The handmade wingback beds are mostly designed in this pattern to display the splendour of the luxury wingback bed.

When you are choosing the beds and headboards for your room then you can find a wide variety of all the wingback beds designs and many mor

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