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What are the Different Uses of Fiber Cement Boards?

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Fiber cement plank is popular for both exterior and interior uses. Cement planks are made up of wood pulp and cement, making them strong. The exclusive features and benefits of cement planks make them the best. We will discuss the benefits in the latter part of the article. But let us know the main uses of cement planks.

As mentioned earlier, cement boards can be installed in the exterior as well as interior. Let us see the multiple uses of cement boards in construction.

● Exterior siding (footpaths and front house paths)

The most common use of cement planks is for exterior siding. The path in front of your house can be made with this. They are long-lasting and more durable than stone, bricks, etc. You may also use them in the yard to make small paths. As these are regularly exposed to sun, rain, storm, snow, the paths have to bear with them. Fiber cement paths are capable of enduring extreme weather conditions.

Footpaths are for heavy usage. Cement boards are good enough to withstand the pressure. Thus it is widely used for footpath construction. Also, the variety of textures and designs make them suitable for footpaths and yard paths.

● Kitchen walls and floors

For long-lasting service and protection against heat and water, cement planks are preferred for kitchens. Kitchen walls and floors come in regular contact with heat and moisture. Fiber cementplanks in walls and floors don’t get damaged by them. Also, cleaning is super easy if dust or moisture settles on the surfaces. Replace tiles, wood or steel plate with fiber cement boards in your kitchen for more durability.

Fiber cement boards can be installed beside sinks and stove areas for better longevity. Replace tiles or woods with fiber cement boards in your kitchen for more durability.

· Bathroom walls and floors

Bathrooms are always exposed to water and moisture. Cement planks are water-resistant and last long in these conditions. Also, cement boards are less slippery than tiles, thus making them safer than tiles. The multiple textures and patterns can adorn your bathroom too. They would look solid with the bathroom interior.

Cement boards are less likely to get stained or broken than tiles. Thus, cleaning becomes easier. Also, you need only minimal maintenance to keep up the shine and performance.

● Rooftop and Veranda

The rooftop decoration is incomplete without cement planks. Rooftop floors can be made with these making them long-lasting. It looks outstanding and stays protected against heat and moisture. Veranda and balconies, too, are also exposed to sun and moisture. This is why many may prefer to install cement boards in these spaces too.

● Underlayment for flooring

To increase the durability of wood and tile flooring, use fiber cement underlayment. The cement planks hold the wood or tile floor strongly. They stick well to the floor, providing strength to endure pressure. You may use it throughout the flooring of the house. Or install it in kitchens and bathrooms. Reinforce your house floors with fiber cement underlayment.

Why choose fiber cement boards?

Let us know the benefits of fiber cement boards.

Cost-effective- You can get the best service at the lowest price. A fiber cement board is budget-friendly relative to the benefits provided.

Durable- They are capable of withstanding pressure and heavy usage. A cement-fiber plank is a long-lasting option.

Variety- Get a board of your choice. The variety of colors and designs help you to pick the one that matches your taste.

Water and fire-resistant- They can endure moisture and heat well. This makes them long-lasting. The risk of a fire accident reduces too.

Easy maintenance- Cleaning and maintaining the shine is super easy with fiber cement boards.

What are you waiting for? Make the best use of fiber cement boards in your exterior and interior spaces.

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